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Gilbert Achcar

Professor, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London

„VIDC is true to its vocation of fostering international dialogue: the conference I attended was a very enriching experience that provided a rare opportunity to exchange views between participants who rarely engage in direct discussions otherwise.”

Raphael Cohen-Almagor

Chair in Politics, University of Hull

„Perspectives beyond War and Crisis was a most interesting and stimulating conference, bringing together academics and politicians from different corners of the world. On this occasion, VIDC has provided an important platform for Israelis and Arabs to meet. Every such meeting is instrumental in creating bridges and promoting understanding between the conflicting parties.”

Avraham Burg

Former Speaker of the Knesset

Claudia Brunner
Center for peace research and peace pedagogics at the  Alpen-Adria-University Klagenfurt/Austria – Faculty for Cultural Sciences

„What I especially like about the VIDC is the internationality of its guests and cooperating partners, the sensitivity for gender as a cross cutting issue in any topic and their practical way of working on new projects. Another quality of the VIDC is that they manage to open new thinking-spaces through addressing difficult and controversial issues. This way they are promoting a lively and open culture of debate.”

Paul Gifford
Prof. ret. School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University London

“The VIDC's task of bringing crucial contemporary issues to public debate is more important than ever”

Koschka Hetzer-Molden
Culture journalist

„At the VIDC I meet people who are dedicated to bringing justice to the world – apart from their own interests.”

Horst Kleinschmidt
Human Rights Activist Kapstadt, South Africa

„The VIDC is working against a world of intolerance. This is especially important, because the European legacy of colonialism, and with it the prejustice against certain people, are still the basis of inequality between Africa and Europe.”
Peter Niggli
CEO of Alliance Süd, the joint lobby organization of six large Swiss humanitarian organizations
"Sometimes I still get jealous of how fast and up-to-date the VIDC is with addressing and debating international problems.”

Katrin Oberdorfer
Dar al Janub – Association for antiracist and peace initiatives

"The VIDC contributes through sophisticated and balanced events to enhance the quality of discussion about difficult and polarizing issues in our time. I especially value the remarkable list of international panelists and the courage to critically reflect upon the Europe’s colonial past and the current predominant gender relations.”

 Eva Pfisterer
Moderator, author, journalist, media- and rhetoric-trainer with NLP and camera, art and cultural management, media consultant
"The VIDC comments on the most important topics concerning society and culture with the help of great personalities and does not forget to see a problem from different sides, through the eyes of different people and in an interdisciplinary way. That such a relatively small team can achieve such big impact is due to its strong determination and passion.”

Thomas Roithner
Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution – ASPR Burg Schlaining

“Whether it is in my calendar as in interesting event beyond the mainstream, for the organizing of workshops regarding content or logistics during our International Summer Academy or as facilitator of high class world music: The VIDC is one of my first addresses.”

Renata Schmidtkunz
Editor, Moderator and film maker at ORF/3SAT

„In a globalized world we cannot do without international dialogue. To the VIDC, dialogue is of utmost concern. As is for me! “

Stephan Schulmeister
Economic Researcher

„At the various events of the VIDC, important problems are being addressed from many different positions. Openness and plurality are being sought, not dogmatism and ideology. The newsletter takes up current pressing issues and manages - despite its brevity – to also shed light on the background of things."

Moshe Zuckermann
Univ. Prof., Tel Aviv University

“The possibility to hold a complex presentation concerning a delicate topic cannot be taken for granted in today’s world. For this, and for the warm and welcoming atmosphere in which it took place, I am compelled to great gratitude.”

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