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Policies without Politics - The Missing Link in International Development Co-operation?

29 January 2014 | 7.00 p.m. | Albert Schweitzer Haus, Großer Saal | Schwarzspanierstraße 13 | 1090 Vienna

Prof. Wil Hout, International Institute of Social Studies/ISS, University of Rotterdam


Jean Bossuyt, European Centre for Development Policy Management, Maastricht
Waltraud Rabitsch, Austrian Development Agency

Since the turn of the century, different actors and institutions in international development cooperation have undertaken attempts to integrate political economy assessments into their broader decision making processes. This was – inter alia – caused by the increasingly widespread insight that power relations and “informal” patterns of governance are important factors for explaining why well-intentioned reforms had not succeeded, and that a better understanding of the respective issues would be required.

However, institutional players in international development co-operation continue to operate effectively as “anti-politics machines”. They keep pursuing a rather instrumental and technocratic approach to development programmes and projects and thus tend to pay little attention to political struggles and power relations as well as to define governance in predominantly apolitical terms.


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